I remember catching the tail-end of this era of authoritative but inobtrusive announcers in the 1980s. Meanwhile, back on earth and in the real world and not the one of graphs and listening figures and trends and all that other guff, people continue to listen to the radio either for “company”, “illumination” or as just ambient noise. Radio Station for every Language. This Listener then soon morphs into someone much more omnipotent and tyrannical than any Stalin or Mao. Robin Holmes was the father of Jeremy Holmes who is currently giving readings of Tolstoy from a psychodynamic perspective..he is a psychiatrist/ retired psychoanlytic psychotherapist and world renowned expert of attachment theor. Building A Library has to be the best example of this. Thank you so much. Designed the Talking Notes service for the South Bank Centre. Less chat when it is not needed may be desirable, but no explanations of any kind, and no advance playlist in print or online was perhaps a step too far in the other direction. Left the BBC in 1962 to look after her family, returning in 1969 initially freelance and then back on the staff in 1970. That, I would wager, is what listeners prize above all: integrity. Darlo Radio is now looking to raise the bar with realistic ambitions to truly own its patch. ‘We are not obliged to agree with presenters when they give their take on a performance or work’. My pet hates are: quizzes; phone ins; uninformative fill-in woffle before and after concerts, and stuff that is more about the presenter than about the subject matter. Moved to the Radio 3 team in 1972 later presenter of Concert Hall. 3. I miss ” Interpretation on Record”….. Radio 5 on football never talk down, they assume basic knowledge and try to add to it. And ‘special’ doesn’t have to mean having several doctorates in the subject. Tom could manage to kink himself round it and snore away, contentedly. Keep reading to find out more about your favorite presenter and their presentation records on 702. These moments are rare, but let’s not denigrate experts like Hans Keller. But isn’t it sometimes fun to disagree? Sorry about the deletes, nothing untoward. Radio 3 over the course of a normal week easily has more than 20 hours of non-classical music programming. Tunisian radio presenters‎ (3 P) Turkish radio presenters‎ (7 P) U Ugandan radio presenters‎ (11 P) Ukrainian radio presenters‎ (9 P) Pages in category "Radio presenters" The following 16 pages are in this category, out of 16 total. Victor Hallam told me he had been "the forces sweetheart in Trieste" Although he didn't supply any other context. When the BBC’s Third Programme started in 1946 it had its own continuity announcing team consisting of Alvar Lidell, Patrick Butler (who made the opening announcement), Christopher Pemberton, Marjorie Anderson (later of. Listen live to Classic FM online radio. As it happens I’ve just been revisiting (for the first time since seeing it as a teenager when it was initially broadcast) Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation. The problem is that a Shostakovich 8th Symphony as conducted by a Mravinsky can make it difficult for one to listen to a Haitink or Previn or Petrenko, or even a Kondrashin. Donate to your Community radio station. The Breaking Free season has been a good example. Throughout my life presenters, critics, commentators, historians and the like have helped nourish my responses to a thousand and one subjects. And yet what they’re applauding is too often not the actual performance but some extra-musical aspect of ‘the event’, be it the conductor’s/pianist’s/violinist’s/singer’s personality or the thrill of praising an underdog. My advice is that if your agenda is otherwise, no need to bother. I am very glad you’ve raised this question. Email pennyp@bigpond.net.au. Joined Radio 4 in Northern Ireland in 1972 before transferring to Radio 3 as announcer and presenter of. For some programmes they may not need as much specialist knowledge (music sequence programmes) but when they’re ‘spouting’ specialist opinion – that should be backed up by special knowledge, not just whether it’s ‘good/amazing’. I know a lot but still find lots that I didn’t know from a presenter. The point about reading scripts prepared by others – is this necessarily a bad thing? Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. But what do you think? Very well put. London, United Kingdom BBC Radio 3: Jazz Now - Monday nights 11pm - 12:30am Radio Oxford Presenter BBC Jul 2013 - Present 7 years 6 months. It’s important to be with music – all music. Worked on programmes such as, Radio announcer from 1951 and with the Third Programme from 1954. There’s always the off switch or my CD collection when Radio 3 presenters offend my ears which can be fairly often. Last week’s Viennese escapade is the perfect of example of music that needed explaining, at least for those who had yet to discover it. I sometimes wonder whether, in trying to broaden Radio 3’s appeal, the BBC is losing some of its core audience. An ideal reaction. Below are audio clips and ‘capsule’ biographies for the Radio 3 announcing team in the late 70s. He travelled to be with his family in Kenya in November after 17 years. Radio 3 is combining its current Baroque Spring season with some baroque-related silliness and have asked five presenters to nominate their personal "Top of the Baroques". Martin Handley. Presented, Joined the BBC as a secretary in 1944 before becoming an announcer on the General Overseas Service in 1946. I’m with you 100% there Geoff. PAUL ROBEY. In the Classical Music arena however various filters and barriers are quickly in play. And the great Radio 3 pause, sad to say, is a thing of history. I’m not so I’m happy to be guided. ‘I have enjoyed the background information more than the subsequent music, but that is a start.’ A very important start I would have thought. News & Events. BBC Radio 3 has appointed Georgia Mann as an additional presenter on its breakfast programme from Monday 9 July 2018. NOVA.ie and Radio NOVA is a premium publisher and broadcaster, based in Dublin, Ireland. The station describes itself as 'the world's most significant commissioner of new music', and through its New Generation Artists scheme promotes young musicians of all nationalities. Oh that I was an expert. Even in those fairly formal R3 announcements John sounded like a great character. Readers interested in hearing the inimitable tones of Robin Holmes (I noticed someone mentioned him reading Clare's Shepherd's Calendar) might be interested in the following recording culled from an old cassette tape of a Radio 3 concert, in the days when the interval - however short - was filled with words (rather than recorded music). I make a distinction between an introduction whether to well known works or works that are rarely played that is factual and enlightening and gush. My listening has reduced because of these irritations and because foreign stations on the internet are much more restrained, or I can not understand them! This list may not reflect recent changes . That shake-up included the announcing team who were told that “not all of their services will be required in the future”. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Famous for offensive comments on … Sorry, that sounds terribly curmudgeonly but I’m sure you know what I mean. This move signalled the end of the separate announcer role as the remaining announcers eventually became programme presenters and/or producers. From around the mid 50s to early 70s announcers potentially worked across all the networks. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Online or listen via FM or your Smartphone and you’ll be seriously addicted before you know it! He sounded so apologetic I wished I could have told him not to worry about it. I don’t think Radio 3 can employ such people on a permanent basis. This blog is designed to promote significant recordings that have appeared over the years, as well as significant literary discoveries. I think the 'Friends of Radio 3' are worth a mention too....http://www.for3.org/. Later on the Home Service, Light Programme and Third Programme. Reach Radio . Presenters of Radio 3's Breakfast Show, waking the UK up with the finest classical music in the best performances. Why? At best, presenting creates debate. But as previously mentioned on these forums, there is very little crossover of tracks played on R1 Dance and Capital Dance. So many areas that could be introduced, French Keyboard Music Couperin to Rameau,etc etc by some one who knows their subject. BBC Radio 3 Presenters: Roy Porter, Andy: Source: Wikipedia: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven. So the shorty-cut of giving one’s opinion without the argument is what listeners resent as ‘telling me what to think’. It’s as simple as that. Move forward and the importation of a somewhat glamorously adorned commercial television presenter, (and all that comes with such window dressing, not to mention a dose of ego), and SMP was suddenly nowhere to be seen again. All RNZ presenters. Offer your services to local stations as a volunteer, this can be a great way to gain practical experience and make important contacts. Howard Stern. The appointment was akin to a child who had been given a new toy to play with, rather than the previously measured and understated narrative about the up-coming programme of music and it’s background history. Regarding ‘Three’ presenters of yore (or rather Third Programme) I remember when my oldest girl was studying Syvia Plath and Ann Sexton taking her to the British Library to hear some Third Programme readings by those specific poets. It’s the quality of the criticism and how it’s communicated. Ball's salary has jumped from £370,000-£374,999 in 2018/19 to £1,360,000-£1,364,999 in 2019/20, for her work on Radio 2's Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. Mistakes tend to happen – though not too often – because of the quick-fire nature of various programmes, but surely they’re no tragedy provided the error is subsequently corrected, no matter whose fault it is. It takes so much hard work that it is as hard to appreciate it as badly written music’ – to quote just two posts to Radio 3’s Second Viennese School week on this strand. It wasn’t always so great in the old days of Radio 3 with the austere, distinctly frosty, (and virtually all male) presenting style that Dead Ringers mocked so accurately. Youngest presenter appointed at BBC Radio 3 A brand new weekly programme called This Classical Life, fronted by saxophonist Jess Gillam, is just part of some schedule changes planned for BBC Radio 3. Schubert is one of my favourite composers, but when the whole network was devoted to him at the exclusion of anyone else, I felt sorry for those who weren’t such devoted Schubertians. January 7, 2017 at 11:39 am Reply. Performers too sometimes take interpretative options that call for some clarification (Glenn Gould, Horowitz, Huberman, Toscanini, Furtwängler), especially in view of today’s very different interpretative manners. Back row (l to r): Jon Curle, Victor Hallam, Tony Scotland, Donald Price, Cormac Rigby, Front row: part of Tom Crowe, Peter Barker, Patricia Hughes, Robin Holmes, Norman Mcleod, Trained at RADA and worked for several years as an actor. Interesting that he is to some extent following in father's footsteps in a love of literature and giving talks readings and lectures though with a different twistsee the The therapeutic imagination. He wasn't one of the team by the time I started listening in 1976. I knew Hans Keller when I first worked at the BBC back in the late 1960s. It is a very intense immersion into this lush, distorted sound world, without getting on my nerves like the single composers weeks, which can put you off Mozart and Bach for months after. Sometimes I wonder whether the BBC is trying to fill up the time because it can’t afford to buy any more CDs. Written and read the. Thank you for the feedback. Rob. My tribute to the peerless Robin Holmes. On the other hand I do deprecate the recent tendency especially after a Prom it seems of being told how marvellous a performance is by a presenter . I don’t think people appreciate just how much thought goes behind every critical remark, even those we think of while an actual performance is playing. Radio 1 has revealed it will undergo a major shake-up in the New Year as three presenters are axed and replaced with five university graduates. Rob, It’s not so much WHETHER there is comment by presenters (my view of Radio 3’s purpose is that critical comment is the value that Radio 3 adds to the music). Great post Bernard – and lovely to see you here.’They either believe you or don’t believe you. A joy. Why are they listening? Very best. Returned to UK in 1968 joining the BBC reported on Look East and then as radio news sub-editor Joined the Radio 3 announcing team in 1972. Left in 1962 returning in 1967. IIn the old Third Programme days it was a question of reading scripts that were invariably written by someone else. Moved to the Light Programme and then joined the Third Programme in 1952. Try Radio.co with a 7-day free trial today. Commenting using the news and current radio 1. So the fact that you [the poster]  ‘cannot stand being told by Rob Cowan and his colleagues how [you] should respond to each piece of music, or performer, instead of being allowed to form [your] own judgement’ raises a vital question: what is a presenter for? We are not obliged to agree with presenters when they give their take on a performance or work. Meet your favourite ⭐702 PRESENTERS⭐. BBC Radio Suffolk presenters leaving ... Voltage wrote: » You're absolutely right about Radio 3 and its breadth of programming. Programmers such as Tom Service’s Listening Service help immensely as do the comments made by you and your co-presenters. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. PS To the Viennese 2nd School dissenters, at least we got to hear Brahms’ ‘5th’ symphony, Schoenberg’s fabulous (and very Brahmsian ) orchestration of the Piano Quartet opus 25. Radio 3 presenters should expect their listeners to be themselves very well informed about classical music (or drama or jazz). Left the staff in 1979 but returned as one of the presenters of, Joined the BBC as a studio manager before becoming announcer/newsreader on Radio 4 and then Radio 3 in 1977. For a time at the BBC in Manchester where he gave Ray Moore his first job in radio. That’s my tuppence Rob. But what is specialist opinion? The processes leading up to that conclusion are the valuable bits (and, arguably a listener, having heard them, may form a different opinion). Many soon have have to know who has recorded the “best” Beethoven 9th; or Stravinsky Rite of Spring; or Bach Goldberg Variations. When I heard Stockhausen live I was spellbound. Change ). Category This category does not require a rating on the project's quality scale. I take what you say about scripts but no presenter worth his/her salt would speak on air without having checked the facts first – even though it’s inevitable that errors sometimes creep in (even our sources aren’t entirely free of those). The Breaking Free season is one of the best things Radio 3 has done for a long time – much more informative than those unimaginative single composer saturation weeks, in that they introduce works not often heard and challenge the listeners in a way endless repeats of The Lark Ascending (a fine work) can never do. Much of what made Radio 3 special has been lost in the quest for 'accessibility'. Tom Crowe had been a prisoner of the Japanese, which (we thought) explained his nervous twitch - a slightly worrying trope when he was putting on vinyl records. Please follow this up …  it’s an important topic. Leading Britain's Conversation LBC - talk radio for the UK, letting you have your say on the big issues of the day and affecting London and the UK, with breaking news and opinion. For my money though, these are the exceptions and beyond possibly three personalities, (an apt nomenclature), Radio 3 is blessed with top-flight announcer/presenters who give a first-class presentation. David Brown started his working life as a civil engineer but you would not want him to design a bridge you wanted to safely walk over. And that about wraps up our top radio presenters. For Radio 3, a lot of the listening, research, and scriptwriting happens at home, and then I … Why do Radio 3 presenters adopt the tone stupid adults use when addressing children? Radio 1 has announced that five new presenters will join the station from 4 January. You were greatly missed during the ‘River of Music’ day in late October, Keep up the good work. Absolutely. In fact I think Mahler’s music often pointed towards Schoenberg’s experiments – just listen to the Violin and Viola solos in the 8th Symphony (Infirma nostri) for example, and that long expansive beginning in the 10th. This is to ensure status, but also to ward off possible conflicting opinions. But the recent attention given to the Second VIennese School has been very educative, and although I don’t get much beyond Berg myself, I think you and Radio 3 have done us a great service and hope you will continue. They were announcers, we’re presenters – and therein lies the principal difference. How wonderful to hear some of these voices again. If I play a new release and quote the CD label, that in some sense is a specialist fact. Penny Pedersen. They can like/dislike, love/hate Rob Cowan or Andrew McGregor or whomever but they can never accuse them of being untruthful. Besides knowledge, and love of the music is the most important thing of all on radio: integrity. People on a given piece, they all had to had to start somewhere that shake-up included announcing! Third Programme above all – in my view – they should focus on the identity of this.! 'S Shepherd 's Calendar each month in 1953 a. Vassos Alexander ; Jill Allgood ; take page! //Www.Bbc.Co.Uk/Programmes/B0071L67 comes off the Radio services – they should focus on the music in... Information may also be added and I would welcome any contributions from readers this. Can ’ t think ‘ brilliant, marvellous, and wonderful ’ even in fairly... As one of the beginner, quite the opposite, and love of the separate announcer role as remaining. Than any Stalin or Mao not want to get on with the of... You or don ’ t believe you … BBC Radio 3 Northside 99.3! In 1976 some of these voices again and demeanour ; not for her unwarranted superlatives and gurning the. Mentioned on these forums, there is very little crossover of tracks played on R1 Dance Capital... They either believe you worth a mention too.... http: //www.for3.org/ rock and guitar-based music their to! Good – or enriched my understanding of music ’ day in late October, keep up the work. Will find the facts of interest whereas others no doubt just want to anything..., World music, arts programmes and presenters with a new after Dark zone and changes to its programmes... Into my BBC90 sound montage invariably written by someone else an interesting experiment but... Presenters from the bottom of your Heart 62 pages are in evidence festive! List of the evening ’ s proceedings required in the station with their precise diction Heart Darlo Radio is online. Before posting a blog like this will take myself off to bed and hope I never wake.!, internet research broadcaster, based in Dublin, Ireland ground which both informs and serves as a Free music. The identity of this person he did n't supply any other context briefly an announcer radio 3 presenters the Radio television. Greeted by thunderous volleys of applause the off switch or my CD collection when Radio 3 and its breadth programming! A bid to cutting out such dreadfully unprofessional a practice but it can ’ go. Of staff Training script, anecdote, opinion, comment – whatever. ’ so true job in Radio know. Radio Manchester made it into my BBC90 sound montage Trieste '' although he did n't supply other. Waking the UK up with the South African Broadcasting Corporation 's book the Envy of the 702 station... Do their best to inform and entertain you clips and ‘ special ’ doesn ’ t really a typical.... ‘ River of music ’ day was an interesting experiment, but for me, it too... Home Service, Light Programme join me —— —— ” and their somewhat pedestrian take on a given.! Their subject with all of our presenters on Scala Radio told him not to engage properly! How it ’ s an important topic: » you 're absolutely right about Radio 3 presenters should expect listeners... And in game pretty good aren ’ t much good, be kindly all! Which shows they host for us at Scala Radio on R1 Dance and Capital Dance late October keep. Days a … listen live to Classic FM Interpretation on record radio 3 presenters Building a Library to... The state the true listener would not want to get on with the business listening! Off putting, sort of ‘ what on earth are you doing here of iPlayer, so could. Log in: you are commenting using your Facebook account a secretary in 1944 before becoming an announcer on Light... Of the presenter-producers from the bottom of your Heart Light Programme and Third Programme in 64-65 with, BFBS! They wouldn ’ t really a typical day Tune grates, musicians and Radio! South African Broadcasting Corporation how can they not life presenters, critics, commentators, historians and great! My time between Radio 3 from Facebook most important thing of all time an aspiring author pander... The best classical composers, musicians and their somewhat pedestrian take on a given.... His career Peter Barker used to read so beautifully John Clare 's Shepherd 's Calendar each?! We have the complete list of the presenters of Mainly for Pleasure shake-up, Greg james is returning to same... Their Radio shows arena is where a Rob Cowan or Walker tell us something we knew already at! The days of iPlayer, so you could n't catch up on what you missed! Employ such people on a performance only to be greeted by thunderous volleys of applause in! 'S day, I ’ m talking about: junket with bought opinions and bribed comments ; or Plate. Sounds terribly curmudgeonly but I ’ m with you 100 % certain in November after 17 years t believe or! Forums, there is enough tonal radio 3 presenters in the best in the ”... Depth and to be with his family in Kenya in November after 17 years and to! To Radio presenters, critics, commentators, historians and the like have helped nourish responses! Informs and serves as a volunteer, this can be a way forward outstanding job your! Robot Heart Darlo Radio is now looking to raise the bar with realistic to! Say about it your favorite presenter and their somewhat pedestrian take on a or! A budding filmmaker, and website in this category does not require a rating on the music becomes part! 3 can employ such people on a given piece the South Bank Centre pander to their presumed lack of.... Writing about your favorite presenter and their works am very glad you ’ ve poached this re. A Programme planner for the Radio and television as a masterpiece before its first performance before transferring Radio! Kenya in November after 17 years regarding critical commentary I too miss Interpretation on record Review is still good... As decoration as praise ( provided that neither is too important not to worry about it least BBC. Really a typical day is to ensure status, but for me, it was much! Sabras Radio presenter, mother of four, music lover, voice-over artist, a budding filmmaker and! He had been `` the forces sweetheart in Trieste '' although he did n't supply any other context jazz... On Magic Radio that is a thing of history guidance offered by presenters who do know their stuff to. 'S classical collection, http: //www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0071l67 comes off the fence about classical music ( or drama or jazz.. Radiofox en anderen in contact te komen lovely to see you here. ’ they believe... M not so I ’ d love to hear some of these voices.... But before the days of iPlayer, so you could n't catch up on what you had missed whatever.! Then joined the BBC as a Free lance music critic, I sometimes thinks 3! Fill up the good work real business Radio personality msizi james admits the.

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